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BDV Tester - Test Sets Fully Automatic Insulating Oil

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: 23 / 06 / 2022
bdv tester - test sets fully automatic insulating oil
bdv tester - test sets fully automatic insulating oil-1

Detail BDV Tester - Test Sets Fully Automatic Insulating Oil

GE KELMAN TransportX
Compact portable system that performs laboratory quality Dissolved Gas Analysis on manually taken transformer oil samples and renders a diagnostic on-site in 30 minutes.

The TRANSPORT X is a compact, portable DGA system which is designed to analyse oil samples in the field and obtain not only gas level readings but also deliver diagnostics based on standard rules.

Key Features:
- Accurate & Sensitive
The TRANSPORT X unit has a wide detection range with excellent accuracy for all seven fault gases.

- Moisture Analysis
The unit measures water content in oil. The water concentration can be expressed as parts per million or relative saturation.

- Simple
Easy step-by-step operation. No extensive calibration, set-up or interpretation of results required.

- Fast
On-site results in less than thirty minutes.

- No Consumables
The TRANSPORT X unit requires no calibration or carrier gases.

- Portable & Rugged
11kg (24lbs) in a rugged convenient carry case.

- DGA Diagnostics
Includes DGA diagnostic algorithms - Rogers' Ratios, Duval's Triangle, Japanese ETRA and IEEE® Key gas. Also includes user settable "Caution and Warning" thresholds on all gases.

- Test Gas Samples
Ability to test gas samples taken from Buchholz Relays.

- PC Software
Includes TransportPro PC software package to allow storage and exporting of results.

Complimentary Kelman PERCEPTION software supplied with each TRANSPORT X for trending & analysis of results oil tester

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