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: 12 / 07 / 2022
hioki dmm station mr8990+mr8741/mr8740

Detail HIOKI DMM STATION MR8990+MR8741/MR8740

Voltage Regulator
DMM STATION MR8990+MR8741/MR8740
Measure Minute Changes in Voltage at a High Level of Precision across 32 Channels at the Same Time
The MR8740 and MR8741 are rack-mountable data acquisition systems that deliver high-speed, multi-channel measurements over maximum of 32+22 channels. The MR8990 DVM unit is a 2-channel input unit for the MR8740/MR8741 for measuring minute fluctuations in output from sensors in automobiles and other equipment and voltage fluctuations in devices such as batteries at high levels of precision and resolution.

Key Features:
- Use the new DVM Unit MR8990 to measure DC voltages on 2 channels (for use with the Memory HiCorder MR8741/8740 only)
- High-precision measurement for applications such as investigating minute voltage fluctuations in sensor output
- The MR8741 (MR8740) can save data from 16 (or 54) Digital Voltmeter Units at once. (DCV measurement only)
- Unlike standard multi-channel scan-type loggers, these instruments can perform simultaneous sampling
- High accuracy of ±0.01 % and super-high 1.2 million-count resolution
- High-speed sampling at 500 samples/s
- Isolated input (channel-to-channel and channel-to-chassis: max. rated voltage to earth of 300 V AC/DC)
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