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PMDT PDExpert Expert Diagnostic And Location System

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: 14 / 06 / 2022
pmdt pdexpert expert diagnostic and location system

Detail PMDT PDExpert Expert Diagnostic And Location System

Ultrasonic Sensor

The PDExpert is PMDT's third level of Partial Discharge (PD) Expert Diagnostic and Location System. It is a powerful, portable, multi-channel system of impeccable design used to analyze and pinpoint PD signals coming from a power asset within centimeters while the power system is energized. The system consists of UHF, AE, HFCT and ultrasonic sensors, one advanced UHF/PD signal processing unit, one oscilloscope, filters and other accessories.

The system employs ultra-high speed data acquisition and advanced digital signal processing technologies, compares the UHF, AE and HFCT signals of different frequency ranges to determine if it is PD or noise, and locates the source in power assets accurately by utilizing Acoustic-Electromagnetic Combination Location Technique, time Difference of Signals' Arrivals (TDOA), and 3D Positioning Technology.

The PDExpert is an ideal trouble-shooting tool for your PD programs. Location of PD, which phase has PD, PD types, and severity are determined and maintenance suggestions are provided accordingly.
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