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PMDT PDiagnostic Series

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: 14 / 06 / 2022
pmdt pdiagnostic series

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Power Quality Analyzer
PMDT PDiagnostic Series
The PDiagnostic is a portable system that utilizes Ultra-High Frequency (UHF), Acoustic Emissions (AE), High-Frequency Current Transformer (HFCT), and Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) sensors to detect, analyze, and locate the PD signals in real time for a multitude of medium and high voltage electric power equipment.

The multi-channel PDiagnostic system locates PD on power equipment down to a meter by utilizing Acoustic-Electromagnetic Combination Location Technique, Time Difference of Signals’ Arrival (TDOA), Partial Discharge Signals Separation (PDSS), and 3D Positioning Technology with PC software included.

The system features advanced PD diagnostic capabilities, automatic PD type pattern recognition, and accurate PD location capabilities. The PDiagnostic is an ideal trouble-shooting tool for your PD programs. Severity is determined and maintenance suggestions are provided accordingly.
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