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Raytech 12 KV Capacitance Power Factor Test Set

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: 17 / 06 / 2022
raytech 12 kv capacitance power factor test set

Detail Raytech 12 KV Capacitance Power Factor Test Set

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CAPO 12: 12 kV Capacitance Power Factor Test Set

The CAPO 12 is a fully automatic Capacitance, Insulation Power Factor / tan δ measuring instrument developed by Raytech Engineers.

The self-contained instrument performs measurements of Insulation Power Factor (cos рха), Dissipation Factor (tan δ), Capacitance, Inductance, Excitation, Quality Factor and Power Loss (watts).

Measurements can be made up to 12kVAC at variable frequency (from 10Hz to 400Hz).

The portable and rugged instrument is perfect for use in the field, facility or manufacturing plant. It is specially designed for fast and easy measurements with the well-known high precision and quality of all Raytech instruments.

Advanced intelligence of design: Like all Raytech products, this system initializes itself with a self-calibrating and circuit check sequence.

The operator is immediately notified if any problem is detected.
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