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Raytech Micro-Ohm Meter 200A Micro Centurion II

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: 17 / 06 / 2022
raytech micro-ohm meter 200a micro centurion ii

Detail Raytech Micro-Ohm Meter 200A Micro Centurion II

Ohm Meter
MC2 Contact Resistance Meter: Fully Automatic, 200 Amp Micro-Ohm Meter

The MC2 is a high precision, fully automatic, microprocessor-based Micro Ohm meter for measuring very low resistance.

The system is designed for highly accurate readings on-site with laboratory precision. This newly designed technique of measurement incorporates a high precision measurement circuit and modular power source. Extensive filtering and high precision standards are used within the test system.

This intelligent system has an easy to use operation screen, which allows quick selection of the current level, up to 200 Amp, and the resistance level to be measured. The results of the test are displayed within a few seconds automatically. The results are reported on the easy to read liquid crystal display and can be stored or printed out.

The MC2 is one of the most lightweight systems available that comes complete with its own rugged, waterproof field case.
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