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Raytech Turns Ratio Meter 1 Phase, TR-1P

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: 17 / 06 / 2022
raytech turns ratio meter 1 phase, tr-1p

Detail Raytech Turns Ratio Meter 1 Phase, TR-1P

Current Transformer
TR-1P: Fully Automatic, Single Phase Transformer Turns Ratio Meter with Printer

The TR-1P single phase turns ratio meter is the same instrument as the TR-1 but with a built-in printer, which allows you to print out your measurement results directly in the field.

The TR-1P was designed to be a rugged and reliable automatic transformer ratio meter for accurate readings with on-site laboratory precision. This system will test ratios to 4000:1. The design of this test system is based upon the popular Raytech Automatic Three Phase test set: TR-Mark III.

There is no maintenance required. There is no calibration procedure (No potentiometers to turn), due to the utilization of high precision components in the design.

Advanced Protection: Upon powering on, the system initializes itself with a self-calibrating, circuit checking sequence. If any problems are detected during this initialization period, or during operation, the operator is immediately notified. The system constantly monitors the condition of the transformer under test. The TR-1P can even recognize shorted leads and will terminate the test without any damage to the test equipment.
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