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SebaKMT Correlux C-3

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: 29 / 06 / 2022
sebakmt correlux c-3

Detail SebaKMT Correlux C-3

Water Leak Detector
Correlux C-3

The field correlator
• Easy to use with color touch display
• Overview measurement without entering pipe data
• Connection option for ground microphone
• Optimized for plastic pipes
• Intelligent charging system (in a case)

The Correlux C-3 correlator locates leaks in drinking water pipes. Pressurized water at the leak location creates a noise which travels out in all directions of the pipe.
This noise is recorded, amplified and sent wirelessly to the correlator by two sensors (piezo microphone, hydrophone) which are attached to the pipe (e.g. valve, hydrants).
The Correlux C-3 compares both signals (correlation) and calculates the exact distance to the leakage on the basis of the delay time of the signals, the sensor distance and the sound velocity in the pipe.
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