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Sonel CMP-3000 Professional Clamp Meter

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: 02 / 06 / 2022
sonel cmp-3000 professional clamp meter

Detail Sonel CMP-3000 Professional Clamp Meter

Clamp Meter
Sonel CMP-3000 Professional Clamp Meter
Meet Sonel CMP-3000 - clamp meter for professionals based on modern technologies

The Sonel CMP-3000 meter is equipped with robust hard clamps designed to facilitate testing in hard-to-reach, narrow spaces. In this way, more precise and error-free measurements can be made efficiently. The CMP-3000 meter is a functional and reliable instrument, whose advantages will be appreciated by representatives of the electrical and power engineering industry - installers, fitters, electricians, service technicians, etc. The casing with IP40 protection level ensures high durability of the device. Another advantage of this model is the easy-to-read display with backlit screen, due to which reading the result will not be a problem even in poor lighting conditions. A set of basic measurement functions combined with easy operation makes the instrument very versatile and suitable for many applications.

The CMP-3000 clamp meter has a characteristic tab on the top of the jaws which houses the non-contact voltage indicator detector. This makes it easy to carry out the test even in places where access is very limited. Simply apply the detector to the cable - when voltage is detected, a LED in the body of the instrument lights up.
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