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Sonel CMP-400 Digital Clamp Meter

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: 17 / 05 / 2022
sonel cmp-400 digital clamp meter

Detail Sonel CMP-400 Digital Clamp Meter

Clamp Meter
CMP-400 Digital Clamp Meter
Measure wide range of electrical parameters

The Sonel CMP-400 digital clamp meter was developed for direct measurement of AC current up to 400 A. The device allows also to measure DC and AC voltages up to 600 V (using test leads). Further useful functions of the instrument are resistance measurement, continuity of connections measurement with acoustic signalling, and temperature measurement using the probe included in the standard equipment of the meter. With its high precision and speed of measurement, the instrument will meet the expectations of any electrician.

The Sonel CMP-400 meter is a device perfectly prepared for hard work even in unfavourable measurement conditions. The casing of the meter has a protection level of IP 40 and is additionally covered with elastomer, which provides the device with higher protection against drops and mechanical damage.

Surprisingly versatile, and at the same time small and easy to use, the CMP-400 meter is a professional instrument which is perfect for the work of electricians, e.g. in residential, commercial or industrial facilities. The extended functions of this meter will also be appreciated by maintenance workers, electrical installation technicians, electrical fitters, as well as HVACR specialists (heating, ventilation, air conditioning). An unquestionable advantage of the CMP-400 is its pocket size, which allows it to be easily stored in a toolbox or bag. In addition, the instrument is characterised by its exceptionally easy operation, which even beginners can master in no time. The clear interface combined with the handy form of the meter ensures ease and comfort.
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