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Sonel MZC-310S Loop Meter

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: 02 / 06 / 2022
sonel mzc-310s loop meter

Detail Sonel MZC-310S Loop Meter

Current Meter
Sonel MZC-310S Loop Meter
Lightweight for high-current measurements

The Sonel MZC-310S meter is one of the most technically advanced short-circuit loop impedance measuring instruments available on the market.

With the use of the Sonel MZC-310S meter it is possible to test short circuit loop impedance in consumer networks as well as in distribution networks protected with high-current circuit breakers. At the same time as measuring the impedance, the shock and contact voltages can be measured. Where the condition for automatic power off cannot be satisfied, the facility may be authorised to operate on the basis of the voltage criterion.

The application of the four-wire method and the flow of the measuring current in the 150/280 A pulse determine the high precision of the performed test. This single device hides a multitude of measurement capabilities, making it appreciated by specialists in many fields. The meter complies with the requirements specified in the PN-EN 61557 standard.
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