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  • Yokogawa DM7560 Digital Multimeter 6.5 Digit

Yokogawa DM7560 Digital Multimeter 6.5 Digit

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: 07 / 06 / 2022
yokogawa dm7560 digital multimeter 6.5 digit

Detail Yokogawa DM7560 Digital Multimeter 6.5 Digit

Digital Multimeter
Yokogawa DM7560 Digital Multimeter 6.5 Digit
The DM7560 is a flexible 6.5-digit digital multimeter with high-accuracy, high-speed data logging (up to 30k S/s) with deep 100k reading memory and built-in statistical analysis.
Yokogawa understands that your test requirements and applications change quickly and unpredictably over time. Many multimeters in the market are not designed to adapt to these unforeseen situations, requiring users to purchase additional equipment when the need arises. The DM7560 fills that gap by utilizing:

1. Flexibility
Not your typical multimeter, the DM7560 combines the benefits of an oscilloscope with the dedicated functionality of a DMM
View your measurements as a trendline as well as perform real-time statistical analysis
Choose one of several display formats: trendline, histogram, or arc scale
2. Accuracy
6.5 digit resolution provides precision without compromise
Built-in power line cycle (PLC) filter to remove 50/60 Hz harmonics from measurements
3. Efficiency
Use standalone or as part of an integrated automated test system
Limit and GO/NO-GO functionality for transient analysis
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